Materials Handling Equipment Offers Heavy Duty Conveyor Systems Designed Specifically for the Chemical Industry

Conveyor Chemical Industry

If operating with peak efficiency is your chemical plant’s goal, then a heavy duty conveyor from Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) is a great way to ensure that bulk materials can be conveyed in a manner that promotes productivity. We’ve been manufacturing industrial conveyors since 1927, and we stand out from the competition through customization. Instead of offering a “cookie-cutter” product that may need to be modified to fit your plant’s space and needs, we will engineer a custom conveyor system that is built to your exact specifications while staying within your budget.

Conveyors for the Chemical Industry

MHE manufacturers several types of heavy duty conveyor systems that are ideal for the chemical industry. They include:

  • Screw conveyors for process handling
  • Drag conveyors for raw material handling
  • Bucket elevators for raw and specialized material handling
  • Apron conveyors for large material receiving and unloading or hot material handling

All MHE conveyors are manufactured using heavy duty components, such as internal Ni-Hard bearings, to ensure a long and productive service life. They are also designed to perform reliably in punishing environments, including extreme temperatures and high abrasion or corrosion conditions. Additionally, MHE ensures that employees are properly trained on the operation of our conveyors following installation, and our emergency response team will work to minimize downtime if an issue occurs.

Contact Materials Handling Equipment today if you would like additional information about the custom heavy duty conveyor systems we provide for the chemical industry.