Ash Handling Conveyor Options Built to Order for Your Plant Needs

It could take months, or even years, to find the right ash handling conveyor for your company if your only choices are generic, mass-produced units that might not meet your needs. But you can end your search now by hiring Materials Handling Equipment to furnish your next conveyor. We will customize a machine to your exact specifications, meaning you won’t have to make any sacrifices on this large investment. You’ll also stay within budget because a customized conveyor from MHE is in the same price range as other conveyors from our competitors. Our wide selection of conveyors ensures that we have an ash handling conveyor perfect for your plant, whether you need to haul huge amounts of heavy bottom ash or light loads of fly ash. Choose from:

  • Screw conveyors or feeders
  • Drag chain & flight conveyors or feeders
  • Chain and belt bucket elevators
  • Submerged drag conveyors designed for wet bottom ash

While our custom conveyors provide an unmatched level of precision, they are also known for their durability. We have made a name building machines that withstand brutally high heats, the worst corrosives, and harsh abrasives. Some of our pieces have been in use for more than 40 years in the toughest conditions and still keeps on working. What a payback! With 90+ years of experience backing each of our products, MHE is the name you can trust when time and money are on the line.

Contact MHE today for more information on an ash handling conveyor for your company.