Why Choose MHE as Your Conveyor Manufacturer?

MHE understands that business owners looking for a conveyor manufacturer have numerous options, but we also know that none of these options can provide the same quality or service that we do.  Unlike other manufacturers, who offer parts and systems on an “as is” basis, MHE provides fully custom conveyors that meet the requirements of your business and your budget. You or your customers will be proud of the equipment.

Customization is just one reason why members of power and utility, chemical, mining, construction, cement and gypsum, pulp and paper, food, and other industries across America have chosen MHE as their conveyor manufacturer.  We also offer:

  • Our 90+ years of materials-handling experience. We stand behind our products and solutions.
  • Conveyors that are specially designed to withstand abrasion, corrosion, and high temperatures
  • A variety of conveyors such as apron, screw, bucket elevators, and more types of drag conveyors than any other conveyor manufacturer
  • Our ability to keep up with the changes and advancements in a variety of industries, which allows us to construct versatile, custom conveyors that meet the needs of individual businesses
  • Affordable, durable, high-performance conveyors that guarantee productivity boosts and lower labor costs, which means a greater return on your investment than with another conveyor manufacturer
  • A Critical Care Service to keep our customers’ businesses running, which includes service maintenance, parts installation, and any necessary equipment training for employees
  • Our equipment is still running in many plants for more than 50 years = longer than many of our competitors have been in business

When choosing a conveyor manufacturer, consider cost, performance, and the needs of your business.  You won’t get a better value or higher performance than with custom conveyors that are “made to order” and designed around your specifications.  Why pay for your conveyor company to “earn as they learn”?

MHE is the last conveyor manufacturer you’ll ever need.  Contact us today for more information and to get your custom conveyors installed right away.