Conveyor Systems for Any Manufacturer

Well-designed conveyor systems can give your company an incredible edge over the competition. When a system works in harmony with your processes, there are fewer steps involved and you save money and time. Materials Handling Equipment is committed to helping each of its customers reach that goal by paying attention to the details that make their processes unique. Most conveyor manufacturers will ask you what type of machine you need. MHE asks you what you need to accomplish. We’ll learn about the task you face and build a conveyor system to get it done while seamlessly fitting into your facility and the workflow of your employees.Heavy-duty conveyor system

We’ve proven ourselves over the last 90+ years by manufacturing unique and efficient conveyor systems for a variety of industries including:

  • Power & utility
  • Pulp & paper
  • Mining & mineral
  • Construction, cement & gypsum
  • Chemical
  • Farm & agriculture
  • Food & beverage manufacturing

Our custom conveyor systems can include a variety of conveyors such as drag, screw, belt, and apron conveyors, bucket elevators, and more, including accesories like bin dischargers.  All of our pieces not only meet, but exceed CEMA standards, and each has unmatched durability. All of our conveyors are made to work dependably in harsh conditions that include high temperatures and exposure to abrasives and corrosives. If something should malfunction on your machine or it needs maintenance, you can take peace of mind in knowing we offer a full line of custom replacement parts as well as repair services.

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