Mechanical Conveyors from Materials Handling Equipment Company: A Custom Solution

At Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) we understand that generic mechanical conveyors may not meet your needs. Maybe the material you need to move is too abrasive for most conveyors. Perhaps it’s the high temperatures you work in that make an average machine unpractical. MHE knows how to make conveyors that can handle those conditions and more. We specialize in manufacturing mechanical conveyors that can handle extreme abrasion, corrosion and temperature (A.C.T.).

This rugged construction can be applied to any type of conveyor you need, including:

While our conveyors are known to be tough and durable under the most taxing conditions, they are also prized for their accuracy, precision and return on investment.  Our engineers design mechanical conveyors to perform the exact task your business requires meaning you never have to alter your processes to accommodate your equipment. With your custom conveyor in place, optimum efficiency is within arm’s reach and you can save time and money.  Trusting MHE to meet your conveyor needs is easy when you consider the 90+ years of experience we have providing conveyors to a number of industries including construction with gypsum and cement, pulp and paper, mining and minerals, chemical, raw products in making steel, and the utilities sector including waste water, and power generation. It gets easier still when you realize our customization won’t cost you anymore than out competitor’s generic machines.

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