Pan Conveyors Built to Withstand the Most Extreme Industrial Conditions

Industrial pan conveyor inaction

Pan conveyors from Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) are suited especially for the most severe conditions of any plant. Our bulk material handling capabilities evolved in part from a long history of proprietary designs and engineering advances. MHE pan conveyors are heavy duty, reliably built, and tested and retested to ensure that you receive the best piece of equipment for your installation. Follow-up is also provided by MHE-trained service technicians. From individualized design all the way through to custom installations and maintenance, MHE will work to deliver you well-built, custom-designed pan conveyors to fulfill your individual requirements.

Engineered to Perform Reliably

Our pan conveyors are able to withstand abrasion, corrosion, and high temperatures, and we are able to customize them for any application. This can lead to reduced operating costs and long-term returns on your investment. Our conveyors can be inclined or horizontal, depending on your requirements, and there are single- or multiple-strand options as well as a variety of speed drives to choose from. MHE technicians will work with you throughout the design and installation process to help you determine:

  • The material of construction
  • Whether you need shear loading or feeding
  • The conveyor speed setting
  • The appropriate safety settings

Our pan conveyors come in deep-pan, apron, double-beaded, cast, and feeders, and can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • The power and utility industries, including waste-to-energy, handling coal, petcoke, municipal solid waste, biofuel, biomass, wood waste, wood chips, ash, and bottom ash
  • The chemical industry, processing and handling many powders, dust, and countless dry bulk products
  • The cement industry, handling clinker, slag, limestone, synthetic gypsum, coal, ash, and gypsum
  • The mining and minerals industry, handling lime, limestone, gypsum, kaolin, iron, ores, bauxite, sugar, salt, zinc, copper, gold, silver, and nickel
  • The paper and pulp industry, handling wood chips, boiler ash, fly ash, and hot lime

The Most Qualified Choice

Since 1927, MHE has been one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of customizable pan conveyors. When you choose us for your pan conveyor or apron conveyor, you will be getting exactly what you need and not a standard model with features you won’t need. Unlike other mechanical conveyor companies, MHE feels that mass production of pan conveyors and other material handling equipment actually degrades the value of the conveyor. A completely customized pan conveyor will save you from having to spend additional money up front and for maintenance or costly spare parts later. We’ll sell you a pan conveyor that is exactly what you need, at exactly the price you want to pay.

Look to MHE for your pan conveyors and you are choosing to be backed up by unmatched knowledge and experience. Contact us today to learn more.