Custom Screw Conveyors, Apron Conveyors, Drag Conveyors & Bucket Elevators for the Mining-Minerals Industry

Large mining conveyorCustom screw conveyors, drag conveyors, apron conveyors, and bucket elevators built by MHE are specifically designed to handle raw materials for the mining-minerals industry. Mining-minerals engineers and managers purchase custom conveyors from MHE because they’re heavy duty; withstanding environments that are abrasive, corrosive and have harsh temperatures.

Besides handling lime and limestone, other ore mining applications have greatly benefited from MHE custom conveyors. These would include steel ores, nickel, gold, copper, phosphate, coal, salt, TiO2 and aluminum handling. The steel industry could also be included since its raw materials are iron ore or ferrous sulfates. Mining industry companies that have depended on MHE’s custom screw conveyors, drag conveyors, and bucket elevators include Chemical Lime, Mississippi Lime, Carmeuse Lime, Thiele Kaolin, US Steel, Monsanto, Mosaic, Ciner, Freeport, McMoRan and Nucor Steel.

Since the 1920’s, MHE has remained a leading partner to the mining-minerals industry as a trusted manufacturer. We take the time to listen to your needs and create custom conveyors that are built to last through environments where abrasion, corrosion, and harsh temperatures are the norm.

Engineers and operations managers have purchased the following custom conveyors from MHE:

While engineers and operations managers may be tempted to reduce durable investments in order to cut costs, companies like Chemical Lime, US Steel, and Nucor continue to call MHE whenever they want to invest in custom conveyors that will optimize present operations, plus reduced maintenance outlays in the future.  These companies have looked to MHE to provide custom conveyors to handle materials that other companies would never attempt.

Contact MHE today to learn more from our 90+ years of experience and for more information about how our custom conveyors can increase operating efficiency throughout the mining minerals industry.