Bulk Conveyor Options Offering Versatility & Reliability

With over eight decades of bulk-handling experience, MHE has the knowledge to keep up with changing industry demands and to build you a custom bulk conveyor to meet the needs of your business, whether you need a screw conveyor for your brewery or a drag conveyor to move fuels through your power plant.  Many industries are facing challenges to operate lean and push equipment beyond their design limits.  MHE conveyors are typically designed with additional safety factors to take the abuse and ensure reliability.

Any large load can be moved with a heavy-duty bulk conveyor from MHE.  We offer apron conveyors, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, the largest selection of drag conveyors, and more.  These conveyors serve a variety of industries, such as:

  • Power and utility
  • Pulp and paper
  • Chemical
  • Construction and cement
  • Mining and minerals
  • Foundry and steel
  • Food
  • More

MHE is a leader in custom bulk conveyor manufacturing for companies in many different industries, and we make sure that each client receives only durable, high-performing conveyors designed around the specific needs of their businesses. MHE builds conveyors for the most severe conditions on the planet, and they’ve been running longer than many MHE competitors have been in business.

For more information about getting an affordable bulk conveyor that’s been customized to meet your individual requirements and expectations, or to learn more about MHE’s services, contact us today.