Heavy Duty Cement Conveyor Systems from Materials Handling Equipment

Cement Conveyor

If you’re in the market for a cement conveyor system for your plant, why not turn to the company that has been pioneering heavy duty conveyors since the 1920s – Materials handling Equipment (MHE)? We are the go-to manufacturer for major cement companies around the globe because we offer customized products that can withstand tough conditions and we lead the industry in innovation. Simply put, when you choose MHE, we will provide a heavy duty cement conveyor that matches your specifications and meets all of your needs.

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Unlike our competitors who offer cookie-cutter options, MHE provides conveyors that are designed to fit in a specific space at a facility and have custom options available that are tailored to the workforce and needed production load. Additionally, our cement conveyor systems can do their job reliably in extreme temperatures or highly corrosive or abrasive environments. In fact, many of our heavy duty conveyors have been on the job for several decades – longer than some of our competitors have been in business.

Some of the other benefits of MHE conveyors include:

  • Easy maintenance access
  • A longer service life due to extra heavy construction
  • Improved operation with custom-engineered drive components
  • A greater return on your investment thanks to a longer product life

If you would like to schedule a consultation at your facility to discuss the benefits one of our custom-engineered cement conveyor systems can provide for your company, contact Materials Handling Equipment today.