Drag Chain Conveyors Engineered For Severe Work Environments

Chain ConveyorSince 1927, Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) has been manufacturing drag chain conveyors that meet the needs of companies from a wide array of industries. The difference between us and many other drag conveyor manufacturers—a difference that is hugely important—is that we offer custom conveyors for about the same price that others charge for cookie-cutter options. When you partner with us, we’ll work with your engineers to design a drag chain conveyor that meets your exact specifications and will fit perfectly in your plant.

Reliable In All Conditions

Another important difference that our drag chain conveyors offer is unmatched durability. We utilize wear-resistant alloys and custom drive components to ensure our conveyors perform reliably in extreme temperatures or environments that feature excessive abrasion and corrosion. They can be used to move large quantities of grain, cement, wood chips, siftings, ash, or any other type of dry material that flows easily.

Partner With MHE Today

Our team is standing by to provide you with a customized drag chain conveyor that accomplishes your company’s goals. We’ll meet with your engineers so we understand the challenges you face and visit your plant to survey the location the conveyor will occupy. Once your conveyor has been manufactured, we’ll ensure that it is installed properly and that your staff is trained in its operation. And, if there’s ever an operational issue, our critical response team will be standing by to assist.

Contact MHE today to learn more about the heavy-duty drag chain conveyors we offer.