Custom Conveyor Options to Meet Business & Industry Demands

For over 80 years, MHE has constructed conveyors that complement the changes in a variety of industries.  Drawing from this extensive bulk-handling experience, we can meet the particular specifications of your business and continue to serve you as a leader in custom conveyor manufacturing.

With MHE, you won’t get parts or equipment you don’t need, as you would with systems sold on an “as is” basis.  We design your custom conveyor around your specific requirements — from ash handling to food manufacturing –keeping costs down and quality up.  Our wide selection of options includes:

We can build you a long-lasting conveyor to increase productivity and lower labor costs at an affordable price, which means a greater return on your custom conveyor investment.   Plus, no matter what your business and industry, you can rest assured that all our conveyors are designed to withstand abrasion, corrosion, and high temperatures.

Contact us today to find out what MHE can build for you today.