A Drag Chain Conveyor Designed Specifically for Your Business

Drag chain conveyor being builtA drag chain conveyor is one of the most popular pieces of industrial equipment on the market, and with Materials Handling Equipment it can be one of the most versatile too. We can custom design drag conveyors to perform any job optimally, from moving sludge at a wastewater treatment facility to hauling fly ash at a cement plant. Choose from a number of specializations to meet your needs including capacities up to 500 TPH, widths to 20 feet and lengths exceeding 200 feet, inclines to 45 degrees, temperature resistant to 2,500 degrees F, and more.  A drag chain conveyor is just one of several types of conveyors you can get from MHE.

We can also build you:

  • Screw conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Bucket elevators
  • Apron conveyors
  • Pan conveyors
  • More

All of our conveyors are renowned in the materials handling business as incredibly durable. We build each of them to withstand brutally high heats, the worst corrosives, and most harsh abrasives.

Contact MHE today for more information on a custom conveyor for your business. We proudly serve companies in a variety of industries including pulp and paper, power and utility, chemical, mining and minerals, construction, and more.