An Experienced Exotic Material Conveyor Manufacturer

Exotic Material ConveyorCompanies use conveyors to move bulk material on a daily basis and have a long list of conveyor manufacturers to choose from, but where do they look when they need to deal with unusual material that a cookie-cutter conveyor can’t handle? The answer is simple: Materials Handling Equipment (MHE). We’ve been custom manufacturing heavy-duty conveyors since 1927 and have an unmatched reputation in the industry when it comes to custom conveyors. We can provide your company with an exotic material conveyor that meets all your needs and provides decades of reliable service, no matter what type of bulk material needs to be moved. Our manufacturing process is tried and true, and many of our custom conveyors are still in use more than a half-century after they were delivered and installed. What’s more, our conveyors are completely custom, which means you’ll receive a conveyor that is designed to meet your specific goals.

Our Heavy-Duty Conveyors

MHE stands out from other conveyor manufacturers because we produce conveyors that perform reliably in extreme conditions such as high temperatures and severe corrosion and abrasion. When you task us with manufacturing an exotic material conveyor for your company, we will consider your bulk material handling needs as well as the location the conveyor will occupy, and work with your engineers to design the ideal solution. When it’s time for manufacturing, we will utilize special wear-resistant alloys and custom-engineered drive components to produce a conveyor that will perform reliably for decades.

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