Screw Conveyor Design Services for a Wide Range of Industries

Whether you need a conveyor to move wood chips across your pulp plant or a conveyor to move gravel from one part of your quarry to another, Materials Handling Equipment can assist you with a custom screw conveyor design. For more than 80 years, we’ve worked in the materials handling industry creating custom conveyor solutions for companies who need more than just a generic conveyor. We’re happy to send one of our engineers to your facility to learn about your processes so we can create a screw conveyor that works within your existing system. We believe when you make a large investment in machinery for your plant, you shouldn’t have to endure the inconvenience or expense of rearranging your processes to accommodate the new conveyor.  That’s why we specialize in customization.

We can create a unique screw conveyor design for your facility in a variety of industries including:

MHE’s screw conveyors, like all of our machines, are renowned for their durability. They stand up to extreme abrasives, corrosives, and temperatures – A.C.T.

Contact MHE today for more information about custom conveyors including screw, apron, drag, and more.