A Screw Conveyor Manufacturer Offering Heavy-Duty Options

Screw Conveyor ManufacturersBecause of their simplicity, screw conveyors are one of the most popular options for moving semi-solid materials such as boiler ash, aggregates, wood chips, food waste, and more. They utilize a large helical screw that moves bulk material through a stationary trough as it turns, and can be adapted for all types of needs. If your plant is in the market for a custom screw conveyor that can perform reliably and efficiently in hazardous conditions, look to the screw conveyor manufacturer that has been providing high-performance solutions since 1927: Materials Handling Equipment (MHE). We’re recognized throughout the industry for providing heavy-duty conveyors that exceed Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) standards and are able to meet the changing needs of a wide array of growing industries.

We’re Heavy-Duty Conveyor Specialists

One of the advantages of working with MHE is that we manufacture each conveyor to meet the specific needs of a client. While other screw conveyor manufacturers offer “one size fits all” conveyors, we utilize a custom manufacturing process based on each customer’s unique circumstances and goals. Our screw conveyors feature wear-resistant alloys and heavy-duty components to ensure that they can perform reliably in environments featuring extreme abrasion, corrosion, and temperatures. In fact, we’re proud to note that many of our heavy-duty conveyors are still on the job more than a half century after delivery.

Trust MHE to Meet Your Bulk Material Handling Needs

If you’re ready to partner with a screw conveyor manufacturer that will provide a custom solution for your company, contact MHE today to schedule a consultation.