Heavy Duty Screw Feeder Systems for a Variety of Industrial Applications

Screw FeederA screw feeder is an excellent option if you need to move solid, semi-solid, or liquid materials reliably and efficiently. Screw conveyors are especially effective for conveying food waste, boiler ash, grains, solid waste, aggregates, and much more, and are a great choice for many different industries. While there are a wide range of screw feeder options on the market, why would you choose a pre-manufactured conveyor system that might not meet all of your company’s needs? At Materials Handling Equipment (MHE), we engineer, manufacture, and install custom screw feeder systems that can handle your company’s precise requirements and stand up to harsh conditions. We’ve been a respected industry leader since 1927 and offer a unique combination of experience and know-how that helps us find solutions for companies no matter how complicated their conveyance needs are.

Built to Last

When you partner with MHE, you can rest assured that the screw feeder system we provide will be able to withstand the wear and tear it will be subjected to on a daily basis. We will custom engineer your conveyor’s components to provide improved reliability, and we will use heavy duty Ni-Hard bearings to ensure a longer service life. Additionally, our conveyors set the standard for durability and can withstand extreme temperatures as well as harsh abrasives and corrosives.

Don’t settle for anything other than the exact screw feeder system your company needs. Contact Materials Handling Equipment today to learn more about the products we offer.