Move Bulk Material Reliably & Efficiently With a Heavy-Duty Slat Conveyor

Slat Conveyor If you’re looking for a slat conveyor that will be able to withstand extreme environments without missing a beat, why settle for a cookie-cutter option that doesn’t meet all your specific needs? When you partner with Materials Handling Equipment (MHE), you will receive a custom-manufactured conveyor that will provide reliable performance decade after decade for roughly the same price as a prefabricated model. We’re recognized as one of the industry leaders because we’ve been providing solutions for clients from a wide array of industries since 1927. Simply put, you can’t match the experience and expertise we bring to the table.

Custom-Engineered Conveyor Solutions

Our team will meet with your engineers to discuss your goals and survey the space the conveyor will occupy so we can custom manufacture a perfect fit. Our customers want slat conveyors that will perform consistently and reliably when faced with extreme abrasion, corrosion, or heat, which is why we utilize special wear-resistant alloys, internal Ni-Hard gravity take-up bearings, and custom-engineered drive components during manufacturing. In fact, our heavy-duty conveyors are so reliable that many of them are still in service more than a half-century after delivery. And, if there’s ever an issue, our critical response team is standing by 24/7 to provide assistance.

Whatever industry you represent, MHE can custom manufacture a heavy-duty slat conveyor that will move your bulk material efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a consultation so we can answer any questions you have.