Custom Bucket Elevator Systems for All Types of Industrial Applications

Bucket Elevator | CustomizationBucket elevators are an ideal option for moving bulk material vertically, as they are unmatched in their efficiency. However, choosing the right bucket elevator system for your company’s specific needs is likely not a “one size fits all” situation. The type of material that needs to be moved, the space the conveyor will occupy, and the staff that will be assigned to the equipment are all factors that need to be considered.

The Industry Leader

When you choose Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) to design and manufacture a custom bucket elevator, you will learn that we are not like other conveyor system manufacturers. We’ve been building custom-engineered, heavy-duty conveyors since 1927, which means we’ve provided productive solutions for nearly every industry and unique scenario. We also offer the largest selection of models designed for abrasive, corrosive, or extreme temperature applications. It’s no surprise, then, that some of our conveyors that went into operation more than a half century ago are still performing reliably to this day.

We’re confident that we have the specialized expertise needed to evaluate your company’s goals and create a bucket elevator system that accomplishes them in the most efficient manner possible. Whether you need to move ash, mining materials, chemicals, or heavy loads of cement, we can provide a solution.

Offering a Customized Solution

When you choose MHE, we will manufacture a heavy duty bucket elevator system that will:

  • Have custom features designed for your specific needs
  • Have a longer service life due to its wear-resistant alloys and internal heavy duty Ni-Hard gravity take-up bearings
  • Provide improved operation due to custom-engineered drive components
  • Offer easy maintenance because of four-sided boot access

What’s more, our bucket elevators can handle capacities up to 1500 TPH and temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, can incline to 60 degrees, and can reach heights up to 200 feet.

Our Process

We’ll go to great lengths to ensure that you’re happy with your bucket elevator as well as our service. We’ll visit your plant to see where the conveyor is needed and listen to your specific goals, and we’ll use that information to design and manufacture an ideal solution. When it’s time for your custom conveyor to be installed, we’ll ensure that it’s working correctly and that your employees are trained on its proper operation and safety protocols. However, our job doesn’t end there. If you ever experience an issue, even decades after installation and for conveyors we didn’t manufacture, our critical response team will jump into action to get your conveyor back on line as soon as possible. We’ll also

Don’t settle for less than the best. Contact Materials Handling Equipment today and let us manufacture a custom bucket elevator system that addresses the unique requirements of your industry.