Heavy-Duty Concrete Conveyors That Exceed Performance Expectations

An MHE concrete conveyor on the job

Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) is recognized throughout the world as one of the leading authorities on heavy-duty industrial conveyors. We’ve been custom-manufacturing conveyor systems since 1927—so nobody can match our knowledge and experience—and we can engineer a concrete conveyor for your company that can handle the unique challenges that moving concrete provides.

The Important Role of Concrete Conveyors

Concrete conveyors play a pivotal role in the industrial world, primarily by enhancing efficiency and safety in construction and manufacturing environments. These systems are designed to transport mixed concrete from the batching plant directly to the application site, eliminating the labor-intensive process of manual transportation. By doing so, they significantly reduce the time and labor costs associated with concrete handling. Concrete conveyors also minimize spillage and waste to help ensure the precise placement and optimal use of materials. Their ability to deliver concrete to hard-to-reach areas and over obstacles makes them indispensable in modern construction projects, particularly in large-scale or high-rise buildings.

Offering Customized Solutions to Fit Your Needs

There are several advantages to choosing a custom conveyor from MHE instead of generic conveyor equipment from another manufacturer. When you turn to us, our engineers will review your company’s needs and specifications and design a concrete conveyor that is tailored to fit your operation. We will consider the size of your facility, the location the conveyor will occupy, the size of your workforce, and the load the conveyor will bear, among other factors. And, because reliability is of the utmost importance in an industrial setting, MHE can engineer a concrete conveyor that can perform smoothly while subjected to extreme conditions, including:

  • Elevated temperatures
  • Powerful corrosives
  • Highly abrasive materials

Engineered to Last

Our conveyors are built with precision and extra heavy construction to ensure that they will continue to do their jobs for decades. In fact, we’re proud to note that conveyors we delivered more than 50 years ago are still performing reliably today. Our secret is that we utilize custom drives and components made from wear-resistant alloys to give our conveyors an advantage over the “cookie-cutter” options offered by our competitors. We also use jig-welded construction and heavy-duty Ni-Hard bearings to help guarantee long-term reliability.

That said, we won’t leave you hanging if an issue occurs. Our 24-hour critical response program ensures that any problems will be addressed promptly, providing you with additional peace of mind.

The MHE Difference

Industrial companies in need of robust cement conveyors look to MHE because our conveyors are built to exceed the rigorous standards of the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (CEMA)—standards that we helped write. We customize each conveyor to meet specific industrial needs without exceeding budget constraints, offering a tailored solution that ensures efficiency and durability.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about the custom concrete conveyors we engineer, contact Materials Handling Equipment today. We’re confident we can provide a conveyor that will exceed your expectations and improve your plant’s productivity and efficiency.