Custom Conveyor Solutions From Materials Handling Equipment Since 1927

For over 80 years Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) has been one of the leading manufacturers of custom conveyors in the United States. We began in Chicago, Illinois, in the 1920s and we have continued to expand and adapt our product lines and business model to coincide with the evolving demands of industry ever since. We are experts in the field of conveyors and conveyor systems. Our experience, knowledge, and adaptability make us one of the most highly respected and reputable manufacturers of heavy duty conveyor systems in the industry.

All of our conveyors are designed based on our exacting requirements, and we research and test each of our products prior to their selection. We are the industry leader in drag conveyors because we are able to focus on engineering our conveyors for whatever the specific application. We do not mass produce our conveyors and sell you equipment that you do not require.  We only make what you need. No matter what type of equipment we are building, whether they are screw conveyors, or bucket elevators, we make sure that our conveyors are designed correctly and working with the accuracy and reliability that we expect from all of our products, and, you demand of your conveyor company.

Drag Conveyors, Apron Conveyors, Screw Conveyors and Bucket Elevators for Extreme Conditions

It was during the 1930s that MHE recognized the need to produce heavy duty conveyors for extreme conditions. We’ve classified these conditions as ACT – Abrasion, Corrosion and Temperature. The cement industry and the power industry were two of the first that demanded conveyor systems that could withstand these severe conditions. MHE recognized the need and adapted our equipment — from drag conveyors to bucket elevators — to be sturdy enough to tolerate and endlessly endure these conditions reliably and with the highest levels of efficiency possible. Today our conveyors are used in the most severe conditions on the planet, AND, are still running in these conditions for 40+ years.

By choosing MHE for your heavy duty conveyor applications, whether you are looking for apron conveyors or belt conveyors, you are choosing over 80 years of experience, knowledge, and steadfast dedication to our clients. No other material handling company offers you the option of custom conveyors to meet any possible application you may have. We have earned our reputation as one of the most respected and forthright companies in the industry, one application at a time.

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