How to Build the Right Conveyor

How to Build the Right Conveyor

How to Build the Right ConveyorIf you’re in the market for a conveyor for your factory or industrial plant, you don’t have to settle for a pre-fabricated, “cookie-cutter”-style conveyor that only meets some of your needs. Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) can custom-manufacture a heavy-duty conveyor that is designed to check all the boxes for your company and will provide the efficiency and productivity gains you’re hoping for. Our team of experts will work with you to design the ideal custom conveyor, and the process will be determined by a variety of important considerations. For us to build the right conveyor for your company, we will need to establish:

What Type of Bulk Material Needs to Be Conveyed

The list of materials that conveyors can handle is long and growing, as there are a wide variety of industries that utilize conveyor systems to speed up their productivity. Some of the materials conveyors can help with include cement, fly ash, food waste, bottom ash, aggregates, cereal grains, and more.

This is the most important variable in determining what type of conveyor needs to be built. If your company is in an industry like power and utilities, construction, or chemicals, you may want to consider a drag conveyor, which contains a series of plates that are dragged through a trough to move the material. If the material is especially fine or granular, a better option may be a screw conveyor that uses a rotating screw blade within a tube. For a harsher environment and bulkier material, an apron conveyor offers an ideal carrying surface.

How Much Space Is Available

The size of the conveyor will also play a large factor in its cost. MHE offers custom conveyors that can reach heights of up to 200 feet, can stretch for up to 300 feet, and can handle the steepest inclines in the industry. Because the conveyors we provide are completely custom, we can design yours to perfectly fit the available space, which leads to greater efficiency and improved safety.

The Type of Environment It Will Occupy

ConveyorThe harsher the environment, the more durable the conveyor will need to be. MHE is recognized for producing conveyors that can handle the most extreme conditions, including severe corrosion and abrasion and high temperatures, without missing a beat. Our conveyors last for decades in extreme environments thanks to upgrades like custom-engineered drive components, special wear-resistant alloys, and internal Ni-Hard gravity take-up bearings.

What Types of Customizations It Will Need

Your company is unique, and your conveyor system needs to be as well. We offer a wide array of customization options to ensure that your specific needs are being met and that your conveyor is offering optimal efficiency.

Let MHE Build the Right Conveyor For Your Company’s Needs

MHE has been custom-engineering heavy-duty conveyors for companies throughout the United States since 1927. We’ve become a respected industry leader by offering a superior product for a comparable price, and we always stand behind our work. In fact, we’ll be standing by 24/7 in case you ever have an issue with your conveyor.

If you’d like to learn more about the custom conveyors we offer, contact us today to schedule a consultation.